Crypto Heirloom: A Guide to the Latest and Coolest Apex Legends Item

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. One of the features that makes Apex Legends stand out from other games in the genre is the heirloom system, which allows players to unlock rare and unique melee weapons for their favorite legends.

An heirloom is a cosmetic item that replaces the default melee attack with a custom animation and sound effect. Each heirloom also comes with a banner pose and an intro quip that showcase the legend’s personality and style. Heirlooms are the rarest and most coveted items in Apex Legends, as they can only be obtained by opening Apex Packs (the game’s loot boxes) or by completing Collection Events (limited-time events that feature themed cosmetics).

The latest heirloom to join the Apex Legends roster is Crypto’s Biwon Blade, a Korean sword that was introduced in Season 12: Warriors. Crypto is a hacker and surveillance expert who uses his drone to scout the battlefield and disrupt enemy defenses. His heirloom reflects his South Korean heritage and his hacking skills, as it features a green LED blade and a hidden USB stick.

How to Get Crypto’s Heirloom

There are two ways to get Crypto’s heirloom in Apex Legends: by opening Apex Packs or by completing the Warriors Collection Event.

  • Opening Apex Packs: Apex Packs are loot boxes that contain random cosmetic items, such as skins, banners, quips, finishers, and more. Each pack has a small chance of dropping an heirloom shard, which can be used to unlock any heirloom of your choice. The chance of getting an heirloom shard increases with each pack you open until you are guaranteed to get one after opening 500 packs. You can get Apex Packs by leveling up, completing challenges, or buying them with real money.
  • Completing the Warriors Collection Event: The Warriors Collection Event is a limited-time event that runs from March 29 to April 12, 2022. The event features 24 new cosmetic items inspired by ancient warriors from different cultures, such as samurai, gladiators, vikings, and more. You can get these items by opening event packs or by crafting them with crafting materials. If you collect all 24 items before the event ends, you will unlock Crypto’s heirloom for free. You can also buy special bundles that include event items and reduce the cost of getting the heirloom.

What are the Benefits of Crypto’s Heirloom

Crypto’s heirloom is not only a cool and stylish item, but also a useful and effective weapon. Here are some of the benefits of using Crypto’s heirloom in Apex Legends:

  • It has unique animations and sound effects that make your melee attacks more satisfying and intimidating.
  • It has a hidden USB stick that reveals itself when you inspect the sword. The USB stick contains encrypted data that may be related to Crypto’s backstory or future plans.
  • It has a wall bounce animation that allows you to jump off walls while holding the sword. This can help you maneuver around obstacles and surprise your enemies.
  • It has a bunny hop animation that allows you to slide while holding the sword. This can help you move faster and dodge incoming fire.
  • It has a melee animation that allows you to slash your enemies with the sword. This can deal more damage than the default melee attack and has a longer range.


Crypto’s heirloom is one of the most anticipated and awesome items in Apex Legends. It is a sword that reflects Crypto’s South Korean heritage and hacking skills. It also has unique animations and sound effects that make it fun and effective to use. You can get Crypto’s heirloom by opening Apex Packs or by completing the Warriors Collection Event. If you are a fan of Crypto or just want to spice up your melee game, you should definitely try to get Crypto’s heirloom before it’s too late.

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