Truth GPT Crypto: A New Coin Inspired by Elon Musk

Truth GPT is a cryptocurrency project that was launched in May 2021, after a tweet by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. Musk jokingly suggested that the world needs “TruthGPT” instead of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, a powerful natural language processing model that can generate realistic and coherent texts. However, some crypto enthusiasts took his idea seriously and decided to create a new coin based on the Ethereum blockchain. What is Truth GPT and what makes it unique? Let’s find out.

What is Truth GPT?

Truth GPT (TRUTH) is an ERC20 token that aims to provide transparency and inclusivity to its investors. According to its website, Truth GPT has a limited supply of 5 trillion coins, of which 50% were burned at launch, 40% were added to the liquidity pool on Uniswap, and 10% were reserved for marketing and development. The liquidity pool is locked for six months, ensuring stability and preventing rug pulls.

Truth GPT also claims to have a unique feature called “Truth AI”, which is supposed to be an artificial intelligence system that can generate truthful and unbiased information on any topic. However, the details of how this system works and how it is integrated with the token are not clear. The website states that Truth AI will be launched in Q3 2021, along with a mobile app and a web platform.

What are the benefits of Truth GPT?

Truth GPT has several advantages over other cryptocurrencies, such as:

  • It is inspired by Elon Musk, one of the most influential and visionary entrepreneurs in the world. Musk has a huge fan base and a reputation for innovation and disruption. His tweet about Truth GPT could potentially attract more attention and adoption to the project.
  • It has a deflationary mechanism that reduces the supply of coins with every transaction. Every time someone buys or sells TRUTH, a 10% fee is applied, of which 5% is burned and 5% is redistributed to all holders. This creates a scarcity effect and increases the value of the token over time.
  • It has a charitable aspect that supports social causes. The project plans to donate 1% of its total supply to various charities every month, starting from June 2021. The charities will be chosen by the community through voting on the website.
  • It has a loyal and active community that supports the project and its vision. Truth GPT has over 10,000 followers on Twitter and over 7,000 members on Telegram. The team also regularly updates the community on the progress and developments of the project through these channels.


Truth GPT is a new cryptocurrency project that was inspired by a tweet by Elon Musk. It aims to provide transparency and inclusivity to its investors, as well as truthful and unbiased information through its AI system. Truth GPT also has a deflationary mechanism, a charitable aspect, and a strong community behind it. Truth GPT is still in its early stages, but it has potential to grow and achieve its goals in the future.

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