Blur Money: The Mysterious and Trippy Collectible from MSCHF

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hold a stack of money that is so blurry that you can’t tell how much it is worth? Well, that is exactly what MSCHF, a creative art collective, has created with their latest project: Blur Money. Blur Money is a series of collectible figures that resemble stacks of different currencies, such as US dollars, Australian dollars, Chinese yuan, Korean won, and UAE dirham. However, the figures are not made of real money, but of resin and paint. The figures are also intentionally blurred, making them look like they are out of focus or moving fast. The result is a trippy and surreal effect that challenges the perception and value of money.

What is the Purpose of Blur Money?

According to MSCHF, Blur Money is an art piece that explores the concept of money as a social construct. Money is something that we use every day, but we rarely question its origin, meaning, or function. Money is also something that we often take for granted, until we lose it or need more of it. By blurring the money, MSCHF wants to make us think about what money really is, how it affects our lives, and how it shapes our society.

MSCHF also wants to create a sense of curiosity and mystery with Blur Money. The figures are designed to look like they contain real money inside, but no one knows for sure if they do or not. MSCHF claims that some of the figures may have real money inside, while others may have nothing or something else. However, they do not reveal which ones are which, and they do not encourage anyone to open or destroy the figures to find out. Instead, they want people to enjoy the ambiguity and uncertainty of not knowing what is inside.

How to Get Blur Money?

Blur Money was released on November 23rd, 2020, on MSCHF’s website. The figures were sold for $20 each, regardless of the currency or denomination they represented. The figures were limited to one per person and sold out quickly. However, some of the figures have resurfaced on secondary markets such as StockX, where they are selling for much higher prices. For example, the Blur $20 USD Figure has a last sale price of $178 on StockX, which is almost nine times its original price.

Blur Money is not the only project that MSCHF has done with money. In fact, MSCHF has a history of creating unconventional and controversial products and experiences involving money. For instance, in 2019, MSCHF released a pair of Nike Air Max 97 shoes that contained holy water from the Jordan River in the soles and were dubbed “Jesus Shoes”. The shoes were sold for $1,425 and later resold for up to $4,000. In 2020, MSCHF released a product called MSCHF Box, which was a sealed box that increased in value by $10 per day for 100 days if it remained unopened. The box could be cashed in for its appreciated value by sending it back to MSCHF. The maximum value of the box was $1,000.

What’s Inside Blur Money?

One of the most intriguing questions about Blur Money is what is inside the figures. Is there really money inside? If so, how much? And if not, what else could be there? Well, no one knows for sure except MSCHF themselves. However, some people have tried to find out by opening or destroying the figures. For example, in December 2020, a YouTube channel called What’s Inside? posted a video where they cut open a Blur $20 USD Figure with a saw. To their surprise and disappointment, they found nothing inside but resin and paint.

However, this does not mean that all the figures are empty or worthless. It is possible that some of the figures may have real money or other valuable items inside them. It is also possible that MSCHF may have planted some clues or hints inside some of the figures to reveal their contents or meanings. For example, some people have noticed that some of the figures have serial numbers on them that may correspond to real banknotes or other codes. Perhaps these numbers could be used to unlock some secrets or rewards from MSCHF in the future.


Blur Money is a fascinating and mysterious collectible from MSCHF that blurs the lines between art and money. It is a series of figures that resemble stacks of different currencies but are blurred and made of resin and paint. The figures are meant to make us think about what money really is and how it affects our lives and society. They also create a sense of curiosity and mystery about what is inside them and whether they are worth more than they appear. Blur Money is a rare and unique collectible that challenges the perception and value of money in a trippy and surreal way.

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