Crypto Apex: A Guide to the Hacker Legend in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game that features various characters, or legends, with unique abilities and personalities. One of these legends is Crypto, a hacker and recon specialist who uses his surveillance drone to spy on his enemies and set off an EMP blast. Crypto is a versatile and strategic legend who can provide valuable information and support to his team. In this article, we will explore Crypto’s lore, abilities, and tips for playing him effectively.

Crypto’s Lore

Crypto’s real name is Tae Joon Park, a brilliant hacker and engineer who worked for the Mercenary Syndicate, the organization that runs the Apex Games. He and his foster sister, Mila Alexander, discovered a secret algorithm that could predict the outcome of any Apex Games match. However, this attracted the attention of the Syndicate, who kidnapped Mila and framed Crypto for her murder. Crypto went into hiding and joined the Apex Games to find out the truth and clear his name.

Crypto is a secretive and cautious legend who does not trust anyone easily. He is also loyal and protective of his friends, especially Mila, who he still hopes to find alive. Crypto has a rivalry with Caustic, who he suspects of being behind Mila’s disappearance. He also has a friendship with Wattson, who he admires for her engineering skills and kindness.

Crypto’s Abilities

Crypto is a recon legend, which means he can use survey beacons scattered around the map to reveal the location of the next ring. He can also scan enemies with his drone and mark them for his team to see. Crypto’s abilities are:

  • Passive: Neurolink – Enemies detected by the surveillance drone within 30 meters of your position are marked for you and your teammates to see.
  • Tactical: Surveillance Drone – Deploy an aerial drone that allows you to view the surrounding area from above. If the drone is destroyed, there is a 40-second cooldown before you can deploy another.
  • Ultimate: Drone EMP – Your surveillance drone sets off an EMP blast that deals 50 shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps.

Crypto’s Tips

Crypto is a legend that requires skill and strategy to play effectively. Here are some tips for using Crypto:

  • Use your drone wisely: Your drone is your main tool for scouting and attacking enemies, but it also exposes your location and leaves you vulnerable while you control it. Therefore, you should use your drone sparingly and carefully, avoiding enemy fire and hiding it in safe spots. You should also communicate with your team when you use your drone and relay any important information you find.
  • Use your EMP effectively: Your EMP is a powerful ultimate that can turn the tide of a fight, but it also affects you and your teammates if you are in range. Therefore, you should use your EMP strategically, timing it right before engaging enemies or breaking their defenses. You should also coordinate with your team when you use your EMP and warn them to stay away from the blast radius.
  • Use your weapons smartly: Crypto is not a very aggressive legend who can rush into fights head-on. He is more suited for mid-range combat where he can use his weapons and drone to deal damage and support his team. Therefore, you should choose your weapons accordingly, opting for rifles, snipers, or SMGs that can suit your playstyle. You should also avoid close-range combat where you can be easily outmatched by other legends.


Crypto is a hacker legend who can provide valuable information and support to his team with his surveillance drone and EMP blast. Crypto is a versatile and strategic legend who can adapt to different situations and scenarios. However, Crypto also requires skill and strategy to play effectively, as he needs to balance his drone usage, EMP timing, and weapon choice. Crypto is not a legend for everyone, but he can be a legend for those who enjoy a challenge and a reward.

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